Image Usage

Image Usage

Images in the Indigenous Cultural Heritage Collection are available for non-commercial and commercial use. 

There is no cost for the non-commercial use of images. However, the Museum welcomes donations towards the costs of photographing the collection and providing this image service. Make a donation and direct it towards the Indigenous Cultural Heritage Collection.

Examples of commercial activities (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Anything that has a purchase price, including textbooks and academic books or journals.
  • A website that is used to promote or conduct commercial activities (for example, to sell products or services).
  • Freely distributed print material or merchandise that promotes goods or services.
  • Corporate communications such as annual reviews.
  • Free-entry events, presentations. or lectures promoting a product or a service.
  • Displays in public places promoting a product or service.

Examples of non-commercial activities (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Free-entry, educational lectures (or activities promoting free-entry lectures).
  • Promotion of any non-commercial activity, such as a poster advertising a bursary.
  • One time classroom use.
  • Reproduction within a thesis document submitted by a student at an educational establishment, provided document is made available at no cost to the end user.
  • Informational, academic, or research-oriented websites that are not linked to any commercial activity.
  • Display within a free-entry public space that is not promoting a product or a service.
  • Educational and classroom use within an educational establishment or for the purpose of formal instruction.

The size and resolution of images will depend on your intended use and budget, as well as the size/quality of the original image.

The cost of the license will depend on your intended use. For a free quote, please email with a link to the image(s) and as much information as possible about your intended use.